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CAMA Lift manufactures lifts for wheel chair users and other mobility-impaired. We prioritize the safety and comfort for the user, and strive to meet each customer's specific needs. Our range includes wheelchair lifts and in Denmark also chairlifts and vertical platform lifts.

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Platform lift - curved

Skrevet d. 7. June 2010

This lift is individually manufactured with regards to the stairs width and lenght. It is designed so it will fit into all buildings without essential alterations.

The lift has a rail system in aluminium which looks like a bannistar and therefore fits easily into the existing surroundings. At the same time the lift and the rail system is designed in a way that makes them easy to reuse.

The lift can be changed from right to left side in an easy and simple way and with low costs. The lift is also available for outdoor use.

Load: 225 kg.

Safety details: The lift is provided with safety arms and flaps on the front and back of the platfrom. The flaps on the platform have a interrupting function at jamming danger. Further details: overspeed governor and brake. Pressure senstive surfaces which stops the lift when it runs in an obstacle

  • Battery driven
  • Limit switch
  • Thermal overload relay
  • Manual release mechanism
Rail Ø 5 cm.
Width folded up 35 cm.
Width folded out 105 cm
Platform standard size 100 x 80 cm
Platform height min. 4,5 cm


Technical data  
Load 225 kg.
Speed App. 0,10 m/sec. (speed is reduced in the curves)
Supply Charging point 220V AC - Lift 24V DC
Battery type free of maintenance

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Vores Mini-Lift er beregnet til lodrette løsninger til reposer og andre niveauforskelle. En simpel og let løsning som kan monteres uden de store bygningsmæssige ændringer.